With a ClimbSafe Pro ladder you will have the gold standard in climbing frames and with that, the knowledge that you are as safe as you can be.


Just give us a call, there are replacements available. There are actually 12 plugs, so we will need to know which need replacing. You will need the special tool (cost $20 +GST), but we can provide that too. Easy to do.

The feet are designed to be able to adjust it as they wear. Simply remove the holding screws and pull out a little more of the rubber foot (no more than 10mm at a time)

For most situations it is not recommended to lock the foot, as this provides the stability on uneven ground, the top must be anchored using the recommended accessory. IF there is no top accessory to anchor it, you may lock it to avoid slippage on flat surfaces.

All parts are available simply by ringing the 0800 number.

We provide a 5 year manufacturers warranty if the unit is faulty. For accidental damage or day to day wear, we are able to remedy most problems at a small charge.

For manufacturing faults, we pay the freight. For general repairs due to accident, the frame is freighted at your cost.

We suggest you talk to us about the use you have in mind. We have accessories available for many purposes and recommend the right accessory is purchased to meet your requirements.

Yes – the Climbsafe Pro meets or exceeds all standards required. An engineer’s report is available on request or from the website.

The following is an extract from Worksafe in relation to their view: 

With the exception of training for health & safety representatives, Worksafe does not approve or endorse any products or services.

We appreciate your interest and commitment to improving health & safety in the New Zealand workplace.

Rather than endorsement, Worksafe looks to encourage any designer . supplier to ensure that they can demonstrate due diligence as outlined in the fact sheet. This should provide the consumer with the necessary assurance as to the safety standards the product has been designed, manufactured and tested to. 

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